Script sample of ‘Another Chance’


The house is quiet and still with only the sound of heavy breathing coming from the living room.

There is the sound of keys turning and SAMANTHA walks in, noticing the silence.



There is no reply. Samantha makes her way into the living room where she sees ALEX unconscious on the sofa with bottles of beer surrounding him.


(On the brink of tears)

How could you.

An empty bottle of beer slips out of Alex’s hands and lands on the floor. Samantha sharply breathes and holds her chest, hesitantly walking over to Alex to check his pulse. The floor around Alex is drenched with beer and Samantha. Samantha’s shoes squelch on the carpet.



Not again.

Samantha delicately places her head onto Alex’s chest and watches his body slowly rise and fall. Suddenly ALEX reacts to the movement and grabs Samantha by the throat, slowly pinning her down and looking into her eyes. Samantha screams but Alex does not let go.


(Anger set in his face)

Don’t try and leave me again.


(Struggling to breathe)

 I won’t just let me go.

Alex continues to hold her neck. Samantha struggles to breathe as panic sets into her face, her eyes are widening. She kicks Alex and manages to break free. Samantha impulsively runs to the bathroom upstairs, tripping over the stairs in a panic. Alex smirks as he watches Samantha escape.

Alex then proceeds to stumbles back to the sofa and knocking over several beer bottles in his path. Alex opens a bottle of beer with his teeth and spits out the bottle cap onto the floor.


Locking the door and looking in the bathroom mirror, Samantha looks at the handprint still left on her neck and winces as she touches it.

Samantha stares into the mirror at her reflection and notices the other scars left on her body. Samantha continues to reveal more scars as she takes off her clothes and runs her hands over each one. She punches the mirror and holds her head into her hands and stares at her face intently, her eyes filling up with tears.


Samantha re-clothes and runs into her bedroom, locking the door and pressing her ear against it to listen out for Alex who is mumbling loudly downstairs. Samantha’s breathing becomes heavier.


(Slurring his words)

Come back darling we need to talk.


(Whispering under her breath)

Not this time.

Samantha immediately opens up her wardrobe and pulls out her clothes and searches for a bag.

Samantha looks under the bed and pulls out a battered box that has ‘Robin Hoods Bay’ inscribed on to it. She carefully takes the pictures out of the box and runs her fingers over a younger version of herself. Samantha folds one of the images and places it in her purse.

Samantha looks around the room and picks up an old photo on the bedside table, noticing the cracks on the picture frame. She pauses for a second but quickly places it back face down. Samantha continues to gather her belongings together.


Samantha sits in her car and looks out the window. Alex’s silhouette is visible through the curtains. Samantha watches Alex collect more bottles of beer from the kitchen. Samantha notices that she can see at Alex’s silhouette through the curtains, appearing to be looking at her.


(To herself)
Just leave him.

Samantha’s hands shake as he puts her keys into the ignition. She takes another look out the window but this time the silhouette is gone. Samantha turns the keys in the ignition and watches through her rear mirror as her apartment slowly disappears into the distance.




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