Interview with The Guardian

Earlier this year I was luckily chosen to be interviewed by The Guardian about my Creative Arts Degree. Below is a copy of the interview. 

Joanne Butlin, 19, an undergraduate, studying BA Creative Arts at Aberystwyth University.

What attracted you to the BA Creative Arts at Aberystwyth?

It’s a new course, now on its second year, and very small – there are just nine people on it this year. I was attracted to it because it is a very broad course, combining various disciplines – such as creative writing, film, media and art – with the option to specialise. I’m a creative individual and I didn’t want to be limited to one discipline, so this gives me the flexibility to choose what I really want to do. You can start to refine your subjects in the second year; but, even then, it remains broad. I haven’t seen a course like it – and I have been looking for two years.

What has impressed you about it so far?

If you find you don’t like a module, you can change it to something you might prefer. For example, I chose a theatre module initially, but discovered that it wasn’t for me. So I swapped it for creative writing – and that was the best thing I could have done because I developed a real passion for it. It was easy to change, too.

So is it a good course for people who aren’t sure what job they ultimately want to do?

Yes. Initially I was going to spend three years studying graphic design – but, of course, afterwards I would then definitely be looking for a job in that area. But I didn’t want to limit myself. Also, this course has given me a chance to sample what else is ‘out there’. Realising that  I enjoy and have a talent for writing has made me think that I might want to go into a career in journalism or publishing.

What has been the most surprising learning experience of this course?

The creative writing has definitely been a revelation. It was a surprise to discover that I have a knack for it because it is not something I thought I would ever return to after school. The media workshops were also surprising. I’ve never studied media before, but i’m now learning how to use a camera, and how to be a writer and a director. Dipping my toe into three roles has been very interesting. And it’s a hard job market out there so it’s good to have a range of skills.






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