Absolutely Anything review


I have been a bit obsessed with watching films featuring Simon Pegg, so here is another review of his most recent film, Absolutely Anything.

This whimsical film devises a similar concept as ‘Hector and the search for happiness’ and plays with the notion of power and choice and answering the question, what would we really desire if we could do anything? It also entices viewers by questioning their own purpose and reasoning if they were in a similar situation.

The film is simply about a school teacher, Neil, who is a single, quirky but miserable, going through a downward spiral with a mundane routine in his life. The story then suddenly takes a dramatic change when we are introduced to aliens who have decided to choose Neil to hold the responsibility of being able to do anything, to see if the outcome will be good or evil. I found this aspect of the film random and loosing fluidity when introducing  the main characters, also, the aliens were unrealistic and felt clumsy rather than comical, especially so early on in the film. However, as the film picked up it became more apparent that there needed to be some kind of source for Neil’s sudden magical powers to do anything he desired.

What would you do if you could do anything? Throughout the film many opportunities came for Neil when holding this unique power: feeding the hungry, solving war, making someone fall in love. However, it was clear that everything has a consequence.

Regardless of the film being clumsy in places, for its genre as a comedy it definitely fit the bill perfectly, the jokes were funny and Simon Pegg, as always, was the perfect choice to play Neil.


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