Story set on a beach

Bonfire night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is a spectacular event that binds everyone together to experience the kaleidoscope of colours effortlessly bursting into the night sky, ripping out the stars and replacing them with new colourful creations. Naomi had a plan for bonfire night; she would take her two flat mates up to the top of constitution hill in Aberystwyth and watch the whole town ignite. This would be the first time she broke the tradition of watching the fireworks in her home town.

Regardless of the blustery and dark November, Naomi, Susanna and Celine were adamant that they were climbing up the hill. Constitution hill at the best of times is a steep and slippery, even the designated walking path is traitorous at times, especially in wet weather. However once you reach the top, spectacular views enfold in front of your eyes, not even a picture could capture the sheer vastness and capture the moment like the human eye can, of the seafront and the ocean. The colours of the scenery merged into one another, the emerald greens seeping into the darkness, waiting to be watched by spectators.  “Are you sure this is safe? Naomi said to Celine, as the earth beneath her feet started to crumble.

“Yes, keep going we’re almost there.” Celine switched on her phone torch to illuminate the unstable surface, making it seem easier for the group to see the way. Suddenly Naomi could hear uproar of voices merging into one not far from when they were walking, the voices were hard to distinguish from one another.

“Celine, maybe we should head towards that group? If we go all the way to the top it might be difficult for us to get down later.” Naomi was a timid individual who cowered away from anything remotely spontaneous or with any kind of risk. On the other hand, Celine lived and breathed excitement and got a kick out of the unknown.

“Fine ok, at least we’ll still be able to see the views.” She rolled her eyes and suppressed a sigh. As they got closer to the voices, nostalgia started to seep through Naomi’s mind; sparklers were visible through the gaps of individuals, reminding her of satisfying moments of scribing her name into the sky, even If it was for a split second. The novelty of winter numbness and being wrapped up in woolly scarf’s and hats also made her smile, with people savouring the last piece of warmth by huddling together. However nothing could compare to the exceptional views of Aberystwyth, with the lights dominating the scene over a back drop of the dramatic sea. The whole town was lit up like an amusement park, with colours of the fireworks merging into the scenery to create a dreamlike setting.

Suddenly fireworks sprung like a released spring before their very eyes, close enough yet far enough to see that they were being set off by amateurs, dodging their lives setting off a multitude of colours just for the fun of it. “What are they doing? “said Naomi, nervously rubbing her hands together in a repetitive motion, anxious of the strangers’ safety. Suddenly a firework sparked in their eye line and everyone jumped in a rhythmic pattern.

“I think we should go.” Said Susanna sensibly, she always knew how to ruin a night but had her heart in the right place. They all treaded carefully away from Constitution hill and headed for the scenic yet blustery seafront that was the heart of Aberystwyth. It was a surreal moment as every inch of the beach was occupied by a bonfire, all representing a different society or club in the university. Nevertheless despite the rivalry, everyone came together for this spectacular night.

However not only were their bonfires occupying the beach, there was fireworks been set off left right and centre too. There were no professional boundaries or health and safety considerations; instead individuals were winging it and hoping for the best, just catch a glimpse of the simple sparks in the sky. Naomi’s heart pounded as she attempted to dodge the fireworks, it was as if she was the target and everyone had taken up archery at the same time, but as soon as she saw the police walking up and down the seafront the worry washed away; realising that they had everything under control.

In spite of this, just as the sense of relief filled her cold and numb body, she turned round to her friends, who were now screaming. Screaming her name. Screaming for her get out the way. Praying that she would snap out of her daze. The voices were getting louder and clearer when she realised it was too late. A picturesque sizzling image appeared in the corner of her eye and quickly singed its way through her arm into her body; the colours collided into her skin and heaved her body to the floor leaving her body to shake violently.

The police who earlier deemed to have everything under control, rushed to the scene and immediately cleared the area.  “Help her, for God’s sake, help her.” Celine said, screaming viscously at the police officers. A commotion was beginning to happen as everyone stopped their mingling and crowded round the poor girl who had been hit by something that should have been pointed to the sky.






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