Finding the perfect degree course isn’t easy for a creative induvidual …

Choosing my degree course was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in terms of time, effort and fighting the ‘giving up’ mind-set. In total, I was looking for 3 years for the perfect degree course. The problem was, I knew I was interested in a lot of areas of creativity which included: English, Creative writing and art. I wanted to somehow combine them all.


A-Level Fine Art example

My A-level choices were: Fine Art, English Language and Literature and Sociology. I am going to be honest… I disliked my Fine Art A-level course and figured out quickly that this is not the area I wanted to go into. However, this made me decide to do an art foundation year at De Montfort University to broaden my horizons. This was a 9-5,  7 day a week intense course and also commuting on the train every morning I felt like I had no escape from art. Of course, I enjoyed my time there learning new skills, but the amount of work and time spent in one room was mentally and physically draining and I realised that I couldn’t dedicate my life to it and wanted to do other things that were also part of my personality.

Another thing that made me realise that a single honours degree in art wasn’t for me was that during the art foundation year I felt rushed to choose my pathways; there was a choice to specialise in fine art, textiles, 3D and visual communication. In my crits I was an ‘all rounder’ which lead me to haphazardly pick visual communication. I enjoyed it for a while but realised that it was not where my skills lied and I was just doing the work to tick boxes rather than enjoying it.


View of Aberystwyth

Then one day lying on my bed, at the same time that I was hearing back from other universities, I found the perfect course (I was still looking) which turned out to be Creative Arts at Aberystwyth University… by the sea… what more could I want?? I could do media, writing and language, art and more. So I did something crazy and went with my gut instinct and declined my offer from De Montfort and anywhere else and went through UCAS extra… and miraculously I got an unconditional offer in 2 days!

After that, I learnt to always trust my instincts and no matter what I know what’s best for me; believe me… this is the perfect course for me! For anybody out there in the same position my tip is to never rush your decision. The worst scenario will be you will hate your course, so trust your own judgment and gut feeling. Even if it takes you a few years to decide you will find the perfect course for you.


Trust the timing of your life x




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