Isle of Wight

I have always loved travelling, whether it’s abroad or in the UK. Personally I enjoy exploring the UK because I think that there are so many hidden gems and places to discover, without having to go on a 6 hour flight to Japan. I first discovered my love for travelling from an early age and I was fortunate enough to go on family holidays two or three times a year. This enabled me to discover The Isle of Wight, the ultimate place for escapism. I remember being 5 years old and experiencing the excitement of having to take a ferry to this miniature and surreal island, feeling like I was miles away.

The Isle of Wight is known for its tourism, but has always managed to successfully preserve its natural beauty, for example within the Needles Beach. This beach, even now, will always be my favourite place. The multicoloured sand and the unique shapes of the rocks will never fail to transport me to a different world. Every time I visit I always make a statue with the coloured sand in the gift shop, the perfect souvenir to take a part of the beach with me.

When I was on Skype with my Dad, we reminisced about our family holidays to the Isle of Wight. One funny experience was when we went on the cable cars in Allan Bay, my Dad was terrified of me falling because of my height, of course being so young I was oblivious to his panic and carried on enjoying the moment, but hearing it now from an older perspective I am reliving that moment from a different pair of eyes.

Even after years of travelling around the country, the Isle of Wight will always be the place I will return to.


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