One of my most recent travel experiences is going to Liverpool for the Camp America job fair. The journey took 4 hours from my university in Aberystwyth….and I had to change twice in Shrewsbury and Chester. Luckily my friend, Genevieve, was going to the same event so we met in Chester and booked a hostel in Liverpool together. I have been to Liverpool before with my foundation year group when I was at DeMontfort University last year to look at art galleries, but I have never had a chance to explore it in great detail.

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The Harbour

Living in a small seaside town in Aberystwyth and being originally from a small village in the East Midlands, the shock of a bustling city like Liverpool was a lot to take in at first… I had to get into my city mode quickly! I was in awe of everyone seamlessly getting on with their day regardless of the mad crowds occupying every space; obviously they were used to this kind of environment. Regardless of the initial shock, I grew to love Liverpool’s personality, the buzz became addictive and always surrounded by people became more of a comfort than an inconvenience.

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Inspiration on the hostel wall

After we got off the train we had a few hours to kill before we could check into our hostel, with large bags in hand we had to fight through the bitterly cold wind. However, the view of the harbour was worth the struggle, the seagulls reminding me instantly of Aberystwyth and beginning to feel like home. We explored the shops and took a gentle stroll to where the hostel was. The hostel had an indie and alternative feel to it and was very cosmopolitan; if it wasn’t for the disrupted sleep I would have gone back there (Friday nights are never going to be quiet).

Also during our time there we went out for a meal then explored the city at night. The most fascinating thing about a city is that it never sleeps, the lights illuminated the area and I especially liked the fairy lights in the gardens.

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Liverpool at night

I will definitely be returning.